Summer Formal Dresses Guide

Hey there! Summer is here and so are countless occasions to dress up.

Looking for that perfect dress?

We’ve got you covered with this easy guide to choosing your summer formal wear.

Why are summer dresses attractive?

Summer dresses are easy, chic, and bring joy to the season.

They come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints, reflecting the summer vibe.

Made of breathable, lightweight fabrics, they keep you cool and comfortable.

Suitable for any occasion, they are a staple in our wardrobes and one of the most attractive pieces for summer.

1. Little Black Dress, but Make It Summer

Start with a little black dress. It’s classic and cool. Dress it up with big, fun jewelry pieces like a bold necklace or some cool earrings.

2. Sequin Magic

Sequins aren’t just for winter anymore. Wear a shiny sequin dress in light colors for that summer sparkle. Stick to simple shapes and pair it with flat sandals for a chill vibe.

3. Chill in a Slip Dress

Slip dresses are all about comfort and style. Get one in a soft color. Add a light jacket or fancy belt to mix it up. Choose sandals or heels, and you’re good to go.

4. How to Pick the Dress for You

Think about what looks good on you. Body type matters, so go for styles that make you look great. Love bright colors? Summer’s the time to wear them. Go bold or keep it chill – it’s your call.

5. Be Kind to the Planet

Look good and do good by choosing eco-friendly dresses. Shop brands that care about the Earth, or find a unique outfit at a vintage store.

6. Accessorize Smart

Find the perfect balance. Pick shoes that are comfy but stylish. A small bag or clutch for your stuff and jewelry that stands out will complete your look.

7. Where to Shop

Discover your perfect summer formal dress at Boho 70.

With our unique blend of style, comfort, and affordability, you’ll find dresses that make you shine.

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How to dress elegantly in summer?

Dressing elegantly in summer involves lightweight fabrics like linens, cottons, and silks.

Opt for classic cuts and understated colors, and don’t shy away from accessories.

Choose comfortable yet stylish footwear. Elegance is as much about confidence and demeanor as it is about what you’re wearing.


Summertime is about making memories in style. Your dress should show off who you are.

Remember, confidence is key. So, find that dress and make this summer one to remember.

Share this guide and let’s spread the summer fun vibe!

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