Summer Dresses with Sleeves: Modesty Meets Style

Hey there! Summer’s rolling in and it’s time to give your wardrobe a fun, stylish update.

If you’re on the hunt for something cool yet keeps you covered, summer dresses with sleeves are where it’s at!

These dresses are the perfect mix of comfy and cute, making sure you look fab without sacrificing comfort.

Whether you’re about keeping it modest or just love the feel of a breezy dress, we’ve got something for everyone.

Are long sleeve dresses OK in the summer?

Long sleeve dresses are a smart and stylish choice for summer, providing protection from the sun and a chic alternative to sleeveless or short sleeve options.

Fabrics like cotton, linen, or lightweight blends keep you cool.

Styles like airy boho dresses or sleek shirt dresses can transition from day to evening looks with just a few accessories.

Dresses with rollable or buttoned up sleeves offer versatility, making them perfect for both sunny days and cool summer evenings.

Why We Love ’em

  • Protection Meets Style: Say goodbye to those burning sunny days with chic dresses that keep your arms safe from the sun.

  • For Every Occasion: From chill beach days to fancy dinners, there’s a dress for every outing.

  • Feels Great: Made with light, airy fabrics, they’re perfect for keeping cool.

Top Picks for Your Summer Wardrobe

  • Casual Cutie: Soft, light dresses in sweet colors for your daily go-tos.

  • Elegant Evenings: Midi dresses with a bit of flair for those special nights out.

  • Beach Vibes Only: Maxi dresses in fun prints for that beach day look.

  • Office Ready: Knee-length dresses that keep you looking professional and feeling fresh.

Style It Up

It’s all about the accessories! Belts, necklaces, or scarves can really spice up your look. And don’t forget to pick the right shoes and bag for the finishing touch.

Where to Find Them

Stay stylish with Boho 70’s collection of summer dresses with sleeves. Embrace the trend while enjoying sun protection and breathability. Shop at Boho 70 for your perfect summer dress today!

Are long sleeves in fashion?

Long sleeves are a timeless trend that keeps returning with innovative twists.

For summer, fashion designers are using lighter fabrics, playful prints, and unique cuts to make long sleeves appealing.

The versatility of long sleeves can suit different styles, from elegant to casual, or avant-garde. Current trends include sheer, billowy sleeves for a dramatic effect, and puff or balloon sleeves for a playful, voluminous silhouette.

Long sleeves not only offer sun protection but also promote breathability through mesh, lace, and cut-out designs, blending practicality with style.

So, look out for these trendy long-sleeve summer dresses while shopping.

Wrapping Up

Summer dresses with sleeves are a game-changer, blending cool comfort with heaps of style.

Ready to beat the heat in something fabulous? Dive into the world of sleeved summer dresses and enjoy every sunny day with a dash of fashion.

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