The Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Wedding Dresses for Every Bride

Stepping into a bridal shop can feel a bit overwhelming, but here are some friendly pointers to keep it fun.

Look for styles that make you feel good and fit your shape in a way that makes you smile.

Remember, it’s all about celebrating you!

How can a plus-size bride be confident?

Confidence on your wedding day starts with the mindset that your beauty is unique and your dress is there to celebrate it.

When trying on dresses, keep an open mind and trust your instincts. Bring a supportive squad and remember to speak kindly to yourself.

Feeling confident is about embracing your moment and remembering that your wedding day is a celebration of love.

Be bold and find the gown that makes you feel incredible!

What is considered plus-size wedding?

In bridal terms, “plus-size” usually refers to dresses sized 18 and up in the US, but labels are just that, labels. Your focus should be on finding a gown that makes you feel amazing.

Many designers now offer broader size ranges to cater to all body types. Plus-size wedding dresses come in all styles, ensuring every bride finds her dream dress.

Your wedding dress should reflect your personal style and beauty, and there are many fabulous options out there tailored to give you the perfect fit.

With the increasing number of plus-size bridal collections, shopping for your dream dress is more exciting than ever!

Top Wedding Dress Styles for Plus Size Brides

1. Ballgowns:

Feel like a queen with these fluffy, waist-cinching beauties.

2. Mermaid Gowns:

Show off those curves with a style that flares at the knee.

3. Empire Waist:

This comfy high waistline is flattering for everyone.

4. Sheath Dresses:

Sleek and simple, these gowns are effortlessly elegant.

5. Tea-Length:

Perfect for showing off some cute shoes and dancing freely!

6. Fit-and-Flare:

Get the best of both worlds with a snug top and flared bottom.

7. High-Low Hemline:

Be bold with a gown that’s short in the front and long in the back.

8. Two-Piece:

Mix and match to find the perfect combo for you.

9. Off-The-Shoulder:

Show a little shoulder with this sweet, romantic style.

10. Illusion Neckline:

Add a touch of magic with a sheer top layer.

Real Love Stories

Get inspired by brides who rocked their wedding day in style. These stories are all about celebrating love and feeling fabulous in your dress.

Expert Advice

Grab some pro tips on choosing the right dress, like why the right undergarments matter and options for custom dresses.

Where to buy

Find your perfect plus-size wedding dress at Boho 70.

Our inclusive size range ensures every bride finds her dream dress that makes her feel beautiful and confident.

Choose Boho 70 for a wedding dress that celebrates your unique style and beauty. Shop now and let your journey to ‘I do’ begin with us.

Final Touches for the Perfect Fit

Before you say “I do” to your dress, check out these last few tips to make sure everything’s just right, like final fitting tricks and having a friend by your side.

Wrapping It Up

Finding your wedding dress should make you feel like the beautiful bride you are.

I hope this guide helps you on your way to choosing a dress that’s as unique and lovely as you.

And once you’ve found it, I’d love to hear your story!

Share it with us and spread the love and inspiration. Happy dress shopping!

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