Shine Bright: The Best Gold and Silver Prom Dresses

Prom night is super special, and choosing the right dress can make it even more magical.

Whether you’re drawn to the warm glow of gold or the cool shimmer of silver.

What are the best colors to pair with gold and silver prom dresses?

Both gold and silver are neutral colors that look good with many other colors. Black, dark blue, emerald green, and white are all common colors to wear with gold. 

For silver, you can’t go wrong with classic black or white, but also consider shades of blue, pink, or purple.

What styles of prom dresses look best in gold and silver?

There are different kinds of gold and silver prom dresses to fit different body types and tastes. 

Some popular styles include mermaid, A-line, ballgown, and sheath. 

The way that works best for you will depend on your body type and what makes you feel good about yourself. 

A simple guide to help you shine.

1. All About Gold Dresses

Gold dresses are all about that rich, shimmering look.

Whether you go for a smooth satin or a delicate lace, gold gowns make you stand out.

Add some matching jewelry or contrast with colorful gems for that extra wow factor.

2. Silver Dresses and How to Rock Them

Silver dresses scream modern and sleek.

They’re great for any prom queen wanting to make a statement.

Pick the right shade for your skin tone, keep accessories minimal, and you’re good to go.

A smoky eye and a simple hairdo will tie it all together nicely.

3. Why Not Mix Gold and Silver?

Can’t decide between gold and silver?

Mix ’em! Balance is key—either pick a dress that blends both or accessorize a solid-colored dress with both gold and silver jewelry.

Go for a makeup look that matches both warm and cool tones.

4. Shopping for Your Prom Dress

For a dazzling silver or gold prom dress, shop at Boho 70.

Our collection ensures you shine on your big night.

Choose Boho 70 for a prom dress that combines elegance and sparkle.

Shop now and make a radiant statement at your prom.

5. Taking Care of Your Dress

After your big night, make sure your dress is cleaned properly—dry cleaning is the way to go.

Store it safely in a garment bag, ready for the next big event or to keep as a memory of a fantastic night.


A gold or silver dress can make your prom night unforgettable.

Remember, it’s all about how you wear it.

Confidence is your best accessory, so choose a dress that makes you feel great.

Here’s to a night full of shining moments!

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