Floral Wedding Dresses: Blossoming Trends for the Modern Bride

Hey there, beautiful brides-to-be! Are you dreaming of a wedding dress that’s a little bit different, something that screams ‘you’ and adds a pop of fun to your big day?

Well, why not consider a floral wedding gown? From big, bright flowers to soft, subtle pastel prints, these dresses are all about celebrating love, nature, and your unique style.

Let’s take a quick stroll through this garden of dress ideas to find the perfect bloom for your special day.

Is a floral dress OK for a wedding?

A floral dress is a great choice for a wedding. It allows you to express your personality and love for nature and color.

Floral wedding dresses come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, suiting every bride. Whether your ceremony is on a beach, in a rustic barn, or in a city, a floral gown adds whimsy and romance.

Plus, floral dresses make for amazing photos. If you’re considering a floral wedding dress, go for it!

Make your special day reflect your own beauty, uniqueness, and vitality.

Who traditionally wears flowers at a wedding?

Flowers play a key role in weddings, not just in decor, but also in what the wedding party and guests wear.

The bride and groom usually have floral adornments, with the bride carrying a bouquet and the groom sporting a boutonnière.

Bridesmaids may also wear flowers as hair accessories or carry a bouquet. Flower girls often scatter petals and wear floral crowns. Family members and special guests may wear corsages or boutonnières.

Guests might also wear floral prints or accessories. This tradition of wearing flowers symbolizes unity and growth, adding a personal touch and style to the wedding, making it memorable for everyone involved.

Where Can You Find Floral Wedding Dresses Online?

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Fun and Fresh Styles for Brides

1. Big Flowers, Big Statement

Imagine walking down the aisle in a dress covered in huge flowers. We’re talking big, bold, and absolutely stunning – perfect for making a grand entrance!

2. Soft and Sweet in Pastels

Prefer something softer? Pastel floral dresses are like a gentle hug in dress form, ideal for a casual or outdoor wedding.

3. Beautifully Stitched Blossoms

For a touch of elegance, how about flowers that are intricately embroidered onto your dress? Each stitch adds depth and personality to your look.

4. Bold Prints for a Boho Vibe

If you’re all about that bohemian style, a dress with a full-on floral print might be just what you’re looking for. It’s artsy, it’s bold, and it’s totally you.

5. Match Your Dress with Your Bouquet

Coordinate your dress with your flower bouquet for a look that’s totally put together! It’s like being surrounded by your favorite flowers, all day long.

6. Local Flowers for a Personal Touch

Adding local or meaningful flowers to your dress can make it extra special. It’s a fantastic way to wear your heart (and your memories) on your sleeve.

7. Flowers in Your Hair

Don’t stop at the dress. Adding a floral crown or some petal pins to your hair ties the whole floral theme together beautifully.

Is floral considered bohemian?

Floral themes complement the bohemian style, adding a touch of natural beauty. The bohemian, or ‘boho,’ style is laid-back, earthy, and artistic, drawing from natural elements.

Incorporating floral patterns into wedding attire or décor brings out the boho charm, celebrating love that’s as wild and beautiful as nature.

Florals add a vibrant yet earthy element to a bohemian setting, whether on wedding dresses, hair accessories, or in bouquets and centerpieces.

Combining floral and bohemian styles reflects a free-spirited lifestyle in harmony with nature, perfect for couples who want their wedding to be a joyful, bohemian celebration of their unique love story amidst nature’s beauty.


Choosing a floral wedding gown is all about expressing yourself and making your big day as unique as you are.

Whether you’re fully flowering or just sprinkle a few petals, remember, your dress is not just a dress – it’s a celebration of you, your love, and the beauty of nature all wrapped up in one gorgeous package.

Ready to bloom on your wedding day?

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