What are the differences between bohemian and hippie styles?

While both bohemian and hippie styles celebrate individuality and freedom of expression, they are distinct in their origins, influences, and key elements. At Boho 70, we appreciate the nuances of these styles, and we’re here to help you understand the differences.

Bohemian Style #

Bohemian style, or boho, originated in the 19th century and was popularized by artists, writers, and intellectuals who lived unconventional, nomadic lives. Today, it is associated with an eclectic mix of vintage, ethnic, and earthy elements.

Boho fashion is characterized by its loose silhouettes, layered clothing, and a variety of textures and patterns. It often incorporates elements from different cultures, such as tribal-inspired prints, fringes, and embroidery. Boho 70’s collection embodies the boho spirit with its unique, comfortable, and stylish pieces that allow for personal expression.

Hippie Style #

Hippie style emerged in the 1960s and 1970s as part of a youth movement that rejected mainstream societal norms. It is associated with peace, love, and freedom.

Hippie fashion features flared jeans, tie-dye prints, peasant blouses, and bandanas. It also incorporates symbols of peace and love, as well as elements from nature like flowers and feathers. The hippie style is more casual and laid-back compared to the boho style.

Key Differences #

While both styles value individuality and freedom, bohemian style is more about artistic and intellectual expression. It is eclectic and draws on various cultural influences. On the other hand, hippie style is rooted in a political and social movement, and it emphasizes peace, love, and connection to nature.

In terms of fashion, boho style tends to be more diverse and sophisticated, with a mix of vintage and ethnic elements. It includes flowing dresses, layered clothing, and rich textures and patterns. Hippie style, however, is more casual and relaxed, featuring jeans, tie-dye, and symbols of peace and love.

At Boho 70, we celebrate the bohemian spirit of individuality, creativity, and freedom. Whether you lean more towards the artistic and eclectic boho style or the laid-back and nature-loving hippie style, we have pieces that will allow you to express your unique personality and style. Remember, the beauty of both bohemian and hippie styles lies in their celebration of individuality and personal expression. So embrace your style, be it boho, hippie, or a mix of both!

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