What are some ways to make bohemian fashion work-appropriate?

Bohemian fashion, known for its relaxed and artistic flair, may seem at odds with the traditional corporate dress code. However, with a few styling adjustments, you can incorporate bohemian elements into your work wardrobe in a way that is both professional and true to your personal style. Boho 70 offers versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to achieve a work-appropriate boho look. Here are some tips on how to make bohemian fashion fit for the office.

Opt for Subdued Colors and Prints #

While bohemian fashion often includes a riot of colors and bold prints, for the workplace, it’s best to tone it down. Choose Boho 70 pieces in subdued, neutral hues or darker shades that convey a more formal feel. If you do want to incorporate prints, select smaller, more subtle patterns that won’t distract in a professional setting.

Focus on Tailored Pieces #

Bohemian style can include loose and flowing garments, but for the office, structure is key. Look for Boho 70 blouses and tops that offer a nod to boho with details like embroidery or bell sleeves, yet are tailored enough to look polished. Pair these with straight-leg trousers or a pencil skirt to maintain a professional silhouette.

Layer Intelligently #

Layering is a staple of bohemian style, and it can be adapted for the office. A structured Boho 70 blazer or cardigan over a simple bohemian top can add sophistication. Choose layers that are easy to remove if they’re too casual for a meeting, ensuring flexibility in your work attire.

Incorporate Bohemian Accessories with Restraint #

Accessories are a great way to express your bohemian style in a subtle way. A Boho 70 scarf with a paisley print or a piece of artisan jewelry can add a personal touch to your outfit without being overbearing. Be mindful not to over-accessorize; a few select pieces are all you need to make a statement.

Choose Appropriate Footwear #

Footwear can bridge the gap between boho and business. A pair of Boho 70 ankle boots or flats with bohemian details like fringes or embroidery can complement your outfit. Ensure they are comfortable and polished to maintain a professional demeanor.

Select Work-Appropriate Bohemian Dresses #

A bohemian dress can be suitable for work if it’s the right cut and length. Choose a Boho 70 midi dress with a modest neckline and pair it with a blazer or a cardigan. Wrap dresses with a subtle print are also a good option, as they are flattering and can be easily dressed up for work.

Use Quality Fabrics #

The quality of the fabric can make a difference in how bohemian pieces are perceived. Luxurious, high-quality fabrics from Boho 70, such as silk or fine cotton, can elevate a bohemian garment, making it more suitable for a professional environment.

Conclusion #

Bohemian fashion doesn’t have to be reserved for weekends and casual wear. With thoughtful selection and styling, you can bring boho charm into your work wardrobe. By choosing the right colors, prints, and tailored pieces from Boho 70, you can enjoy a work-appropriate wardrobe that reflects your love for bohemian style while adhering to the dress code of your workplace.

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