What are some bohemian outerwear options for colder weather?

As temperatures drop, it’s essential to keep warm without sacrificing your bohemian style. Boho 70 understands the importance of maintaining that free-spirited aesthetic all year round, even in colder climates. Here, we explore some bohemian outerwear options that will help you stay cozy while keeping your boho flair intact during the chillier seasons.

Oversized Knit Cardigans #

An oversized knit cardigan is a staple in any bohemian wardrobe when the weather turns cold. These chunky, enveloping pieces are not just warm but also add a layer of texture to your outfit. Opt for cardigans with intricate patterns, fringes, or earthy tones that complement the Boho 70 aesthetic. They can be easily thrown over a maxi dress or paired with a top and flared jeans for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Faux Fur Coats #

Faux fur coats exude a sense of luxury and warmth, making them a perfect choice for boho enthusiasts during winter. Boho 70 offers faux fur outerwear in various lengths and colors, from natural hues to more vibrant options. These coats can be styled with a bohemian dress and boots, or with a pair of bell-bottoms and a flowy blouse, adding a touch of glam to your bohemian ensemble.

Ponchos and Capes #

Ponchos and capes are quintessentially bohemian and are excellent for layering. With their loose fit and flowy silhouette, they provide comfort and movement, which are key elements of boho fashion. Boho 70’s selection of ponchos and capes feature unique prints, embroidery, and tassels, offering both warmth and a statement piece to your outfit. They are versatile enough to be worn over both casual wear and more formal attire.

Denim and Embroidered Jackets #

A well-fitted denim jacket is a timeless piece that can be customized with patches, embroidery, or unique washes to enhance its bohemian appeal. Boho 70 provides denim jackets that can be layered over sweaters or hoodies to keep you warm and stylish. Embroidered jackets, with their intricate designs, also add a distinctive bohemian touch to any cold-weather outfit.

Bohemian-Style Coats #

Bohemian-style coats often feature unique patterns, such as paisley or floral, and come in a variety of lengths and cuts. A long, flowing coat with a bold print can serve as the centerpiece of your outfit. Boho 70’s range includes options with wraparound styles, oversized lapels, and belted waists that can help define your figure while staying true to the boho look.

Layering with Shawls and Scarves #

Shawls and scarves are not just functional for warmth; they also add color, pattern, and texture to any outfit. Boho 70 offers a variety of shawls and scarves that can be draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your neck. Choose from rich, warm fabrics like wool or velvet for extra coziness.

Accessorizing for Warmth #

Complete your cold-weather bohemian look with accessories that are both practical and stylish. Think about adding a Boho 70 knitted beanie, a pair of fingerless gloves, or a woolen headband. These accessories can provide the finishing touches to your layered outfit while keeping you snug.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to stay warm and continue to express your bohemian style during the colder months. With Boho 70’s range of bohemian outerwear, you can layer up and stay true to your free-spirited fashion sense all year long. Remember, the key is to choose pieces that speak to your individuality and comfort, ensuring that your boho charm shines through, even under the layers.

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