What are some bohemian fashion rules to break?

Bohemian fashion is all about expressing individuality and defying convention, so it’s only fitting that some of its “rules” are made to be broken. While boho style does have its hallmarks—like flowy silhouettes, eclectic prints, and earthy tones—there’s no need to adhere strictly to these guidelines. Here are some bohemian fashion “rules” that you can and should break to truly embrace the spirit of bohemian style.

1. Rule: Stick to Earthy Tones #

Break It: While earthy tones are synonymous with boho style, don’t be afraid to incorporate bright, bold colors into your wardrobe. Bohemian fashion is about embracing a wide palette, so feel free to experiment with vibrant hues that reflect your personality. Mix in neon accents or pastel pieces to add a modern twist to the traditional boho look.

2. Rule: Always Layer #

Break It: Layering is a key element in boho fashion, but sometimes, less is more. On warmer days or for a streamlined look, choose a single bohemian piece, such as a detailed maxi dress or a statement blouse, and let it stand alone. This can create a look that’s boho yet minimalist and chic.

3. Rule: Opt for Loose Clothing Only #

Break It: While loose and flowing garments are staples of the boho wardrobe, incorporating fitted pieces can add a new dimension to your bohemian style. A fitted top with a flowy skirt or flared pants can create a flattering silhouette that still channels boho vibes.

4. Rule: Wear Only Vintage #

Break It: Vintage pieces are often associated with bohemian style, but mixing in contemporary items can keep your look fresh and current. Combine a vintage lace top with modern skinny jeans or a new structured blazer with a vintage floral dress to create a unique blend of old and new.

5. Rule: Maximize Accessories #

Break It: Boho style often calls for an abundance of accessories, but you don’t have to pile on jewelry and scarves to be boho. Choose a few well-chosen accessories, like a wide-brimmed hat or a pair of statement earrings, to add a bohemian touch without over-accessorizing.

6. Rule: Only Flat, Strappy Sandals Allowed #

Break It: Strappy sandals are a boho staple, but don’t limit yourself to flat footwear. Incorporate wedges, block heels, or even sleek sneakers for a comfortable yet stylish look that still nods to the bohemian aesthetic.

7. Rule: Bohemian Is for Casual Occasions Only #

Break It: Who says boho can’t be dressy? With the right pieces, you can take bohemian style into formal territory. A silk boho dress paired with elegant heels and refined jewelry can make a bohemian look suitable for upscale events.

8. Rule: Mix as Many Patterns as Possible #

Break It: Pattern mixing is a hallmark of boho fashion, but it’s not a must. If you prefer a more subdued look, stick to one pattern and balance it with solid colors. This can help maintain the bohemian feel without creating a busy appearance.

Bohemian fashion is inherently about breaking the mold and celebrating personal expression. By bending or even breaking these so-called rules, you can create a bohemian look that’s uniquely yours. Remember, the essence of boho style is not found in following a set of guidelines but in the freedom and creativity with which you wear your clothes. So go ahead, break the rules, and let your bohemian spirit shine.

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