How do I choose the right patterns and prints in bohemian fashion?

Bohemian fashion is synonymous with its use of diverse patterns and prints that exude a sense of creativity and freedom. However, with such an array of choices, it can be a challenge to select the right ones that match your personal style and flatter your figure. At Boho 70, we appreciate the art of pattern selection and are here to guide you through the process.

Understand the Impact of Scale #

Size of Prints: The scale of a print can have a significant impact on your look. Smaller prints tend to be more subtle and can be more flattering for those who are petite or prefer a less bold statement. Larger prints make a more daring statement and can work well on flowy dresses or tops. Boho 70 offers a versatile range of print sizes to cater to your preference and body type.

Mix and Match with Confidence #

Combining Patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, a quintessential boho trait. The key is to find a common color that ties the different prints together. Boho 70’s collection is designed with mix-and-match in mind, providing pieces that harmonize despite differing patterns.

Consider Color Palettes #

Color Harmony: Bohemian prints come in various color schemes, from earthy tones to vibrant hues. Consider your skin tone and the color palette you feel most comfortable in. Boho 70’s line includes a spectrum of colors, allowing you to choose prints that resonate with your personal style while staying true to bohemian vibrancy.

Balance with Solids #

Pairing with Solids: To avoid print overload, balance your patterned pieces with solid colors. A solid jacket, pair of pants, or skirt can ground your outfit and let your bohemian print shine. Boho 70 provides a selection of solid-colored basics that complement our patterned items beautifully.

Play with Placement #

Print Placement: Pay attention to where the print is placed on the garment. Strategic placement can highlight your favorite features or draw attention away from areas you’re less fond of. Boho 70’s garments are thoughtfully designed with print placement in mind to enhance your silhouette.

Embrace Texture #

Textured Prints: Bohemian fashion isn’t just about visual prints; it’s also about texture. Embroidered details, lace, and appliqués can add depth to your outfit. Boho 70 incorporates textured prints into our collections to offer a tactile dimension to your bohemian wardrobe.

Stay True to Your Style #

Personal Preference: Ultimately, the right pattern or print is one that you love and feel comfortable wearing. Boho 70 encourages individual expression through our diverse range of bohemian patterns and prints.

Experiment with Trends and Classics #

Trendy vs. Timeless: While it’s fun to experiment with trendy prints, investing in timeless patterns like florals, paisleys, or tribal-inspired designs can ensure your bohemian wardrobe remains versatile and enduring. Boho 70 offers both trendy and classic prints to satisfy every fashion enthusiast.

Choosing the right patterns and prints in bohemian fashion is about expressing your individuality and finding a harmonious balance that flatters your body and reflects your personality. At Boho 70, we’re dedicated to providing a wide array of prints and patterns that cater to the diverse tastes of our customers. Remember, the essence of bohemian style is to be uniquely you, so select patterns that speak to your soul and enhance your natural beauty.

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