How do I add bohemian elements to a work outfit?

Incorporating bohemian elements into a work outfit can be a delightful way to infuse your personal style into your professional wardrobe. The key is to strike a balance between the free-spirited nature of boho fashion and the polished look that’s typically required in a work environment. Here are some ways to subtly add bohemian touches to your work attire while maintaining a suitable appearance for the office.

Start with Subtle Prints and Patterns #

Bohemian style is well-known for its eclectic prints and patterns. To incorporate this into your work attire, choose blouses or skirts with subtle boho prints like paisleys, florals, or abstract designs. Make sure the patterns are not too loud or overwhelming for the office. Boho 70 offers a selection of tops and bottoms with delicate prints that can add a touch of bohemian without being too casual.

Incorporate Earthy Tones and Natural Fabrics #

Earthy tones are a hallmark of bohemian style and can be easily integrated into workwear. Opt for pieces in colors like olive green, rust, or muted blues and incorporate natural fabrics like cotton or linen for a touch of boho. Boho 70 provides a variety of clothing in these hues and materials that can elevate your office look.

Add Boho Accessories #

Accessories are an excellent way to add bohemian flair to a work outfit without going overboard. Consider wearing a leather belt with an intricate buckle, stacking simple bracelets, or donning a pair of subtle drop earrings with a natural stone or feather detail. Boho 70’s range of accessories can help you accessorize thoughtfully.

Choose Structured Pieces with Bohemian Details #

A well-tailored blazer or pair of trousers can be office-appropriate while still exuding a boho vibe when they feature bohemian details like embroidery or a unique trim. Look for structured pieces that incorporate these subtle elements. Boho 70’s collection includes professional garments with bohemian touches that are perfect for work.

Opt for Layering with Kimonos or Cardigans #

Layering is a staple in bohemian fashion, and a lightweight kimono or cardigan can add a boho feel to your work outfit. Choose one with a subtle print or texture and layer it over a simple dress or a blouse-and-trouser combo. Boho 70 offers layering pieces that can seamlessly integrate into your work wardrobe.

Wear Bohemian-Inspired Footwear #

Footwear can be a discreet way to express your bohemian style. Choose shoes with boho elements like suede material, fringe, or a woven pattern, but ensure they are still professional and comfortable for all-day wear. Boho 70’s footwear selection includes office-friendly options with a bohemian twist.

Style Your Hair in a Boho Chic Way #

Your hairstyle can also reflect your bohemian sensibilities. Soft waves, half-up styles with braids, or a low messy bun can complement your work outfit while still being professional. Keep your hair neat and avoid overly elaborate or distracting hairstyles.

Conclusion #

Adding bohemian elements to a work outfit is all about finding the right balance. By incorporating subtle prints, natural colors, accessories, and boho details in structured pieces, you can create a professional look that still reflects your free-spirited style. With Boho 70’s versatile pieces, you can enjoy the bohemian aesthetic in a way that’s appropriate for the workplace, allowing your personality to shine through in a sophisticated manner.

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