How can I style bohemian pieces for a professional networking event?

Attending a professional networking event doesn’t mean you have to compromise your bohemian style for the traditional corporate look. With the right pieces and styling, you can convey your professional acumen while staying true to your boho-chic sensibilities. Boho 70’s collection offers versatile pieces that can help you strike the perfect balance. Here’s how to style your bohemian wardrobe to make a memorable and professional impression at your next networking event.

Opt for Refined Bohemian Prints #

When selecting a bohemian print for a professional setting, aim for something refined and not too overpowering. A subtle floral or geometric pattern from Boho 70 can add personality to your outfit without being distracting. Pair a printed blouse with a solid-colored blazer and tailored trousers for a polished look.

Choose Sophisticated Silhouettes #

Bohemian fashion often features relaxed silhouettes, but for a networking event, it’s best to lean towards more structured pieces. A Boho 70 A-line skirt or a fitted dress with bohemian details like embroidery or a lace overlay can be both sophisticated and true to your style. Pair these with a tailored jacket to maintain a professional edge.

Incorporate Earthy Tones and Darker Shades #

While bohemian style is known for its bright and earthy tones, consider darker shades for a networking event to convey a more formal vibe. Dark greens, blues, and burgundies from Boho 70 can be mixed with neutrals like black, grey, or navy to create a look that is both professional and bohemian.

Accessorize with Elegance #

Accessories are a great way to express your bohemian style in a subtle manner. Choose elegant pieces from Boho 70, such as a leather-bound journal to take notes, a simple pendant necklace, or a pair of understated earrings. A chic, artisanal handbag or a leather portfolio can also add a boho touch while being functional for the event.

Layer with a Statement Piece #

A statement piece like a Boho 70 vest or a blazer with unique bohemian detailing can serve as a conversation starter. Make sure the rest of your outfit is understated to let the statement piece stand out without overwhelming your look.

Select Comfortable, Yet Polished Footwear #

Footwear can make a strong statement about your personal style. Choose comfortable yet polished shoes from Boho 70, such as a pair of leather ankle boots or block heels with subtle bohemian accents like stitching or embossing.

Maintain a Professional Hairstyle and Makeup #

Your hairstyle and makeup can complement your bohemian outfit. Opt for a neat, professional hairstyle, like a sleek bun or a smooth ponytail. Keep makeup natural and understated, with neutral tones that enhance your features without being too bold.

Conclusion #

Dressing for a professional networking event in bohemian style is about finding a balance between expressing your personal fashion sense and adhering to a professional standard. By selecting the right pieces from Boho 70, you can create an outfit that is both stylish and suitable for making a great impression in a professional setting. Remember, the key is to choose bohemian elements that are subtle and refined, ensuring that your look is both unique and appropriate for the occasion.

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