How can I mix bohemian and preppy styles?

Combining bohemian and preppy styles might seem like a fashion paradox, but with a thoughtful approach, these two distinct aesthetics can harmonize beautifully. The bohemian style, known for its free-spirited, artistic, and eclectic nature, contrasts with the clean, structured, and classic elements of preppy fashion. However, when blended correctly, the result is a unique and sophisticated look that encapsulates the best of both worlds. Here’s how you can mix bohemian and preppy styles to create an eclectic chic ensemble.

Start with a Preppy Foundation #

Begin by laying down a preppy foundation for your outfit. This could be a crisp button-down shirt, a tailored blazer, chino pants, or a classic striped or plaid skirt. These pieces provide a structured silhouette that serves as a canvas for adding bohemian touches. For instance, Boho 70 offers beautifully crafted blouses that can be tucked into a high-waisted skirt or pants for a polished base.

Add Bohemian Layers and Textures #

Introduce bohemian elements through layers and textures. A fringed suede vest or a crochet cardigan over a preppy shirt can add a boho flair. Layering a flowy Boho 70 kimono over a collared shirt combines the relaxed bohemian vibe with preppy formality. The key is to balance the proportions and ensure that the bohemian layers complement the structured preppy pieces.

Incorporate Accessories Wisely #

Accessories are the perfect tools for marrying bohemian and preppy styles. A leather satchel with bohemian embossing or a patterned scarf can add a touch of whimsy to a preppy outfit. Boho 70’s selection of accessories, such as beaded bracelets or a statement necklace, can infuse bohemian charm into a preppy look without overwhelming it.

Play with Patterns and Colors #

Both bohemian and preppy styles enjoy the use of patterns and colors, but they typically employ them differently. To mix the two, choose one style to dominate the pattern or color scheme. For instance, a preppy striped blazer paired with a bohemian floral dress strikes a balance between the two aesthetics. Boho 70’s patterned pieces can be paired with solid, classic preppy colors like navy, hunter green, or burgundy for a cohesive look.

Blend Footwear Styles #

Footwear can bridge the gap between bohemian and preppy. A pair of leather loafers or ballet flats can work seamlessly with a bohemian maxi dress or skirt. Alternatively, a pair of Boho 70’s bohemian-inspired ankle boots can add an edge to preppy shorts or a pleated skirt.

Mix Fabrics and Materials #

Combining different fabrics and materials is another way to achieve an eclectic mix. Pair a soft, bohemian lace top from Boho 70 with a structured wool preppy skirt, or wear a silk bohemian scarf with a cotton preppy polo shirt. The contrast in materials can create an interesting and dynamic outfit.

Balance with Hairstyle and Makeup #

Your hairstyle and makeup can also play a role in blending the bohemian and preppy styles. Opt for a neat hairstyle with a touch of bohemian flair, like a sleek ponytail with a few face-framing tendrils, or a classic bun with a boho headband. Makeup should be polished but can include a pop of color on the lips or eyes to echo bohemian vibrancy.

In conclusion, mixing bohemian and preppy styles requires a careful balance of structure and whimsy. By starting with a preppy base and adding bohemian layers, textures, and accessories, you can create a unique and stylish look that stands out. Boho 70 offers a variety of pieces that can help you achieve this blend, allowing you to express your eclectic taste with confidence and sophistication. Whether you’re headed to the office or out for a casual brunch, this fusion of bohemian and preppy styles is sure to turn heads and showcase your fashion-forward sensibility.

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