How can I make bohemian fashion work for a formal dinner?

When it comes to formal dinners, the traditional dress code often leans towards conservative and classic styles. However, for those who adore the free-spirited and artistic flair of bohemian fashion, incorporating this personal style into a formal setting can be both a delightful challenge and an opportunity to stand out. Boho 70, a brand that epitomizes the essence of bohemian chic, offers a range of options that can be gracefully adapted to suit a more upscale occasion. Here’s how you can make bohemian fashion work for a formal dinner with a touch of Boho 70’s signature style.

Select Elevated Fabrics #

Bohemian fashion is synonymous with comfort and natural materials. For a formal dinner, choose Boho 70 garments made from elevated fabrics such as silk, velvet, or chiffon. These materials can provide the flowy, ethereal silhouette characteristic of boho style while also delivering the luxe factor that a formal event requires.

Opt for Refined Prints and Colors #

While bohemian style often embraces bold patterns and a wide spectrum of colors, a formal dinner calls for a more subdued approach. Consider Boho 70 pieces that feature smaller, more intricate prints or solid colors that evoke a sense of sophistication. Earth tones, deep jewel tones, or even a classic black with bohemian details can blend seamlessly into a formal setting.

Accessorize Wisely #

Accessories are the heart of bohemian fashion, and with Boho 70’s curated selection, you can add the perfect finishing touches to your formal ensemble. Opt for statement jewelry like a pair of elegant chandelier earrings or a bold cuff bracelet. However, remember to balance your accessories to avoid overwhelming your look. A well-placed accessory can elevate your outfit and maintain the bohemian spirit without compromising the formality of the occasion.

Embrace Layering and Texture #

Boho 70’s collection offers a variety of textured pieces that can add depth to your formal dinner outfit. Layering a lace or crochet shawl over a simple dress can introduce a bohemian element while still keeping the look elegant. Similarly, a tailored velvet blazer with embroidery or fringe details can provide warmth and style in equal measure.

Choose the Right Footwear #

Footwear can make or break your formal bohemian look. With Boho 70, you can find shoes that marry comfort with chic design. Consider a pair of block heel sandals or ankle boots with subtle bohemian details such as beading or fringe. Ensure that your choice is both dinner-appropriate and true to your bohemian aesthetics.

Keep Hair and Makeup Natural #

Bohemian fashion is all about a natural, effortless vibe. When attending a formal dinner, style your hair in loose waves or a simple updo adorned with a few small braids or flowers. Makeup should be fresh and glowing, with a focus on soft, earthy tones. Boho 70 encourages embracing your natural beauty, which aligns perfectly with the bohemian ethos.

Fit is Fundamental #

Finally, no matter how beautiful a garment is, the fit is crucial, especially for formal events. Boho 70 offers sizes and styles to suit various body types, ensuring that your bohemian outfit is not only stylish but also flattering. A well-fitting bohemian dress can look just as polished as a traditional evening gown when tailored to your silhouette.

In conclusion, making bohemian fashion work for a formal dinner is all about choosing the right pieces and styling them with a touch of sophistication. Boho 70 provides a range of options that can help you achieve an elegant yet bohemian look that is perfect for any upscale event. By following these tips and exploring Boho 70’s collection, you can confidently showcase your unique bohemian style at your next formal dinner.

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