How can I incorporate boho-chic into my workwear?

Boho-chic is a style that celebrates artistic self-expression, comfort, and an unconventional approach to fashion. While it may seem challenging to incorporate such a relaxed aesthetic into a professional setting, with a few strategic choices, you can infuse boho elements into your workwear without compromising on office-appropriateness. Here’s how you can subtly bring the bohemian spirit of Boho 70 into your work wardrobe.

1. Start with Subtle Prints and Colors #

Bohemian style is often associated with rich, earthy colors and bold patterns. For a work environment, start by introducing these elements through subtle prints like small florals or paisleys on blouses or scarves. Boho 70 offers a range of tops that feature delicate prints, which can add a touch of boho flair without being too loud for the office.

2. Choose Refined Bohemian Silhouettes #

Flowy silhouettes are a staple of boho fashion, but they should be balanced with structured pieces for work. Instead of full-on maxi dresses, opt for a knee-length skirt with a slight flare, paired with a fitted blazer. Look for blouses with bohemian details such as bell sleeves or lace insets that can be paired with tailored trousers or pencil skirts.

3. Incorporate Natural Fabrics and Textures #

Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk are not only comfortable but also align with the boho-chic vibe. A silk blouse or a linen blazer from Boho 70 can add a bohemian touch to your ensemble while maintaining a polished look. Textures such as crochet or subtle embroidery can also add interest to your outfit without being too casual.

4. Accessorize with Bohemian Jewelry #

Accessories are the easiest way to add a boho-chic feel to your workwear. Choose understated pieces like a pair of simple turquoise studs or a delicate silver necklace with a bohemian pendant. Boho 70’s range of jewelry is designed to be versatile, allowing you to express your bohemian style in a way that’s suitable for the workplace.

5. Integrate Earth-Tone Colors #

Bohemian palettes often include warm, earthy tones. Integrate these colors into your workwear through items like a rust-colored cardigan or an olive green belt. These tones can be easily mixed with neutral office wear to add a boho-chic warmth to your look.

6. Opt for Smart Footwear Choices #

Footwear can subtly convey a bohemian vibe. Choose shoes with details such as suede material, a small fringe, or a boho-inspired cutout pattern. Ankle boots, comfortable block heels, or refined flats with bohemian details from Boho 70 can complement your work attire without being too informal.

7. Layer with a Bohemian Twist #

Layering is a key aspect of boho style. For a work setting, layer with lightweight cardigans, vests, or jackets that have a bohemian feel through their pattern or cut. Make sure the layers are well-fitted and not too oversized to keep the look professional.

8. Keep the Overall Look Balanced #

When incorporating boho-chic into your workwear, the overall balance is crucial. If you choose a bohemian-patterned top, pair it with a solid, conservative bottom. If you’re wearing a textured skirt, balance it with a simple, clean-lined top. This approach ensures that your boho-chic elements are subtle and office-appropriate.

At Boho 70, we believe that personal style should not be left at the office door. By incorporating these tips into your workwear, you can enjoy the essence of boho-chic fashion while adhering to a professional dress code. Remember, the key is to blend the relaxed and artistic boho elements with the formality of work attire to create a harmonious and stylish look.

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