Can bohemian style be tailored for formal office settings?

Bohemian style, with its free-spirited roots and emphasis on individuality, may seem at odds with the conventional corporate world. However, with a few adjustments, bohemian elements can be integrated into a formal office wardrobe, creating a look that is both professional and infused with personal style. Here’s how you can tailor bohemian style for formal office settings, incorporating the unique flair of Boho 70.

Opt for Subdued Colors and Prints #

While bohemian style often features bold and vibrant patterns, a formal office setting calls for a more subdued approach. Choose pieces from Boho 70 that offer muted colors and subtle prints, such as small florals or paisleys, to add a bohemian touch without overwhelming the professional environment.

Select Structured Pieces #

Incorporating bohemian style into an office wardrobe doesn’t mean sacrificing structure. Look for tailored blazers or fitted trousers with bohemian details like embroidery or a unique texture. Boho 70 offers blouses and jackets with boho accents that are perfect for maintaining a polished look.

Focus on Accessories #

Accessories are an excellent way to express bohemian style in a formal setting. A statement necklace or a pair of artisan earrings can add a touch of boho chic to a conservative outfit. Boho 70’s range of accessories is designed to complement a professional wardrobe while still showcasing your bohemian spirit.

Incorporate Natural Fabrics #

Bohemian fashion often features natural fabrics, which can be both comfortable and office-appropriate. Fabrics like cotton, silk, or linen from Boho 70 can be found in pieces that are suitable for the office, such as a crisp button-down shirt or a sleek A-line skirt.

Choose Refined Boho Patterns #

When selecting patterns, opt for those that are refined and not too busy. A well-placed pattern on a scarf or a skirt can add visual interest to your outfit without detracting from the formality. Boho 70’s collection includes patterns that are elegant and can easily blend into a formal office ensemble.

Layer Intelligently #

Layering is a staple of bohemian style, and it can be adapted for the office. A structured vest or a lightweight cardigan over a simple dress can add depth to your look. Choose layers from Boho 70 that are sophisticated and provide a subtle nod to boho aesthetics.

Embrace Soft Silhouettes #

Softer silhouettes, such as a flowing midi skirt or a draped top, can be office-appropriate when balanced with structured pieces. Pair a Boho 70 soft blouse with a fitted blazer or a pencil skirt to achieve a harmonious blend of bohemian and formal styles.

Keep Hair and Makeup Polished #

Complete your bohemian office look with polished hair and makeup. A sleek bun or a neat braid can complement the boho vibe while still looking professional. Keep makeup natural and understated to align with the office setting.

Bohemian style can indeed be tailored for formal office settings by choosing the right pieces, colors, and patterns. The key is to balance the relaxed bohemian elements with structured, professional items, creating an ensemble that respects the workplace’s formality while allowing your personal style to shine through. With Boho 70, you can find pieces that bridge the gap between the artistic boho world and the corporate office, proving that even in the most formal settings, there’s room for a touch of bohemian charm.

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