Can bohemian style be mixed with other fashion styles?

Bohemian style, with its free-spirited charm and emphasis on self-expression, is a fashion genre that has stood the test of time. However, one of the beautiful aspects of fashion is its versatility and the ability to mix and match different styles. At Boho 70, we believe in the creative freedom of fashion, and that includes mixing bohemian style with other fashion styles. Here’s how you can do it.

Bohemian and Chic #

The bohemian and chic styles may seem like they exist on opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, but they can be combined to create a uniquely sophisticated look. Pair a flowy Boho 70 dress with a structured blazer or combine a bohemian maxi skirt with a sleek crop top. The result is a balance of relaxed bohemian charm and chic elegance.

Bohemian and Street Style #

Street style is all about edgy, bold fashion choices, making it a great contrast to the natural, earthy tones of bohemian style. Try pairing a bohemian print dress from Boho 70 with a leather jacket or combine bohemian wide-leg pants with a graphic tee. Add some chunky sneakers for a perfect blend of these two styles.

Bohemian and Classic #

Classic style is characterized by timeless pieces and clean lines. Mixing this with the bohemian style can create an elegant and polished look with a touch of whimsy. Pair a classic white button-down shirt with a bohemian skirt from Boho 70 or wear a classic blazer with a bohemian printed top and jeans.

Bohemian and Minimalist #

The minimalist style, with its emphasis on simplicity and functionality, can beautifully complement the intricate patterns and rich textures of bohemian style. Pair a simple, neutral-toned minimalist top with a patterned bohemian skirt from Boho 70 or wear a minimalist dress with bohemian accessories like a statement necklace or a fringe bag.

Bohemian and Vintage #

Vintage style and bohemian style both share a love for pieces with history and character. Mix these two by wearing vintage high-waist jeans with a bohemian blouse from Boho 70 or pair a vintage dress with bohemian accessories like a headband or layered necklaces.

In conclusion, mixing bohemian style with other fashion styles can result in unique and personalized looks. At Boho 70, we encourage this creative exploration of fashion and offer a wide variety of pieces that can be mixed and matched with other styles. Happy styling!

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