Can bohemian fashion be adapted for colder climates?

Bohemian fashion, with its flowing dresses and light fabrics, may seem more suited to warmer climates, but it can be easily adapted for colder weather. At Boho 70, we believe in the versatility of bohemian fashion and its ability to transcend seasons. Here’s how you can adapt bohemian fashion for colder climates.

Layer Up #

Layering is a key element of bohemian fashion, and it becomes especially important in colder weather. Start with a base layer of a long-sleeved top or a turtleneck, add a sweater or a cardigan, and top it off with a bohemian coat or jacket. This not only keeps you warm but also allows you to play with different textures and patterns, enhancing the bohemian vibe.

Choose Heavier Fabrics #

While bohemian fashion often features light, flowing fabrics, choosing heavier fabrics can make your bohemian outfits more suitable for colder weather. Opt for materials like wool, velvet, or thick cotton for your dresses, skirts, and tops. These fabrics can provide warmth while still maintaining the bohemian aesthetic.

Incorporate Bohemian Outerwear #

Bohemian outerwear can add a bohemian touch to any outfit while keeping you warm. Look for coats or jackets with bohemian elements like faux fur, fringe, or intricate patterns. Ponchos and capes can also be a great addition to your bohemian winter wardrobe.

Accessorize Wisely #

Accessories are not only stylish but can also provide additional warmth. Scarves, hats, and gloves in bohemian patterns and textures can add a bohemian flair to your outfits. Opt for items in warm, earthy tones to stick to the bohemian color palette.

Opt for Boots #

Footwear is another area where you can adapt bohemian fashion for colder climates. Swap your sandals for boots – ankle boots, knee-high boots, or even over-the-knee boots can work well. Look for boots in materials like leather or suede and with details like fringe or embroidery for a bohemian touch.

In conclusion, adapting bohemian fashion for colder climates involves layering, choosing heavier fabrics, incorporating bohemian outerwear, accessorizing wisely, and opting for boots. By following these tips, you can maintain your bohemian style throughout the year, regardless of the weather. At Boho 70, we offer a range of bohemian pieces suitable for all seasons to help you achieve this look.

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