Unleash Your Inner Free Spirit with Boho Summer Dresses

Hey there! Ready to dip your toes into the bohemian style? A boho summer dress is all about feeling free, comfy, and totally you.

Imagine clothes that tell a story of adventure and love, with a little sprinkle of magic from around the world.

Here’s a quick rundown to help you catch the vibe and rock it all summer long.

What Makes a Dress Boho?

Think dresses that are easy to move in. They’re usually long and flowy, with cool sleeves that might hang off your shoulder.

And the fun part? They’re decked out with all sorts of decorations like lace, crochet, or funky patterns.

Is boho style a trend?

Boho chic is not a fleeting trend but a timeless style that has been prominent since the ’60s and ’70s.

It’s more than just clothing – it represents a lifestyle that cherishes freedom, creativity, and connection to nature and arts.

Boho style, known for blending comfort, style, and individuality, is adaptable to various settings, from summer concerts to casual home lounging.

It’s a personal statement of freedom and earth harmony. Embracing boho style is about embodying its spirit in every step.

1. Keepin’ It Cool

Summer’s hot, so we love fabrics like cotton or linen that let your skin breathe. These materials are not only super comfy but make sure you’re looking your best while beating the heat.

2. Colors and Patterns

Boho isn’t shy about colors or patterns. Go for earthy tones, big, bold colors, or unique prints. It’s all about expressing your own wild spirit.

3. Accessories Are Your Best Friends

To truly nail the boho look, accessories are key. Think cool boots, a hat to keep the sun at bay, and loads of fun jewelry to make your outfit pop.

4. Love the Planet, Love Your Dress

The boho vibe is all about being kind to the earth. Look for dresses made with love for the planet, using organic materials or from brands that dig sustainability as much as you do.

5. Finding Your Perfect Match

Unleash your boho spirit with Boho 70’s unique collection of summer dresses.

Embrace nature-inspired colors and patterns for a chic, free-spirited look.

Shop at Boho 70 and transform your summer style!

6. How to Wear It

Whether you’re lounging on the beach, dancing at a festival, or out on a summer night, the boho dress has got you covered. Dress it down with sandals for a day look, or add some sparkle for the evening.

7. Don’t Forget Hair and Makeup

Keep makeup glowy and natural, and your hair wavy or braided for that effortless boho chic. Maybe even throw on a flower crown for extra fun.

What are boho colors?

Mastering boho style largely involves the use of colors.

Typical boho colors are earthy tones like rich browns, deep greens, sunny yellows, and vibrant oranges, reminiscent of nature scenes.

However, unexpected colors like magenta or turquoise can also enhance your outfit. Patterns, particularly floral, paisley, or tribal, are key to the boho look.

In boho style, it’s encouraged to layer colors and patterns to create a unique outfit.


Boho summer dresses are all about living free and feeling great.

This guide is your buddy to help you live your most colorful, adventurous summer yet.

Slip into that boho dress and feel the summer vibes, your way.

Be fearless, be true to you, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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