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Boho Seventy: With Just One Look

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

Let us take a look at the most popular street style fashions hitting our streets this season. Every year, street style has its fair share of updates and new funky trends but the classic street style concept remains the same. This year, snakeskin is the new “in” thing. Designers have highlighted the standard snakeskin colors of green and browns making them more vibrant with orange and yellow tones being brought into the mix. Women were given the freedom to differ from the mainstream. One of the hottest street trends is “tuck-in”. Mom jeans and skinnies rolled up the ankle with shin-high or knee-high boots with its most popular way styling your outfit by tucking in your pants into your footwear. Slip or maxi dresses are also everyone’s favorite. Silk and satin slinky fabrics from the lingerie trend are being popularized too by most stylish celebs and fashion influencers. One must have enough confidence wearing this stunning ultra-light material.  And the accessories to complete it are the latest Bali Bamboo and Rattan Bags. We came up with different colors and designs for you to choose from adding the benefit of matching it with any outfit to look fashionably stylish. Another street style trend to try is Bodysuits. They are not just absolutely fashionably fabulous, they are also a super affordable and abundant amount of cuts, designs, prints and fabrics making them extremely versatile. Know your size and buy only those dresses that fits you best regardless of what the labels say. 

There is beauty in everything. Not only with the face but also with the dress she wears. I believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them and give them confidence. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. You got to have a style. From there your self-confidence. It is a way of life. Without it, you are nothing. With the right choice of clothes to wear, with a good mood and proper mindset, positive outlook in life and feeling good about yourself… everything comes in with best results. Beauty, glamour, style and good fashion… BOHO70 has it all. From the latest trend to what exactly you want to achieve with yourself… always BOHO70. You will never be wrong if you are on the right track. Looking for a good quality of brand? BOHO70. You need not go somewhere else because you need is all here at BOHO70. Visit so you can have a better look of our catalog with all the latest collections of Bohemian Dresses and Bali Bamboo Bags. Fashion is all about happiness. Have fun with fashion… If you like it, buy it. If you have it, wear it.


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