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Boho Seventy: The Gift Of Beauty

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

Have you asked yourself why we need to be beautiful? Every time you hear somebody appreciating you of how you look like, how do you feel about it? It feels good, right? The feeling is so great. So inspiring, giving us a good mood for a start. Feeling positive about anything can boost your self-esteem. It can also give you self confidence just by thinking that anything can happen as long as you know you can handle yourself well. It is only you who knows yourself better. It is you alone knows your capabilities as a person, as a woman. The first question you ask yourself when something does not seem to be beautiful is why do you feel it is not beautiful. And very shortly you discover there is no reason. It is just but all in the mind because you allowed negativity to come in. It is all but psychological. Always think beautiful, feel beautiful, so the positive effect of it would be looking beautiful. It is not vanity to feel you have the right to be beautiful. Women are taught to feel we are not good enough, that we must lie up to someone else’s standards. But our aim is to cherish ourselves as we are. Personally, to feel happy is more important than feeling beautiful. Why? Because if you feel happy about yourself in all aspects, everything goes well and flows naturally. 

True beauty is not related to what color your hair is or what color your eyes are. True beauty is about who you are as a human being, your principles, your moral compass. Physical beauty that comes from keeping up appearances can only be maintained temporarily, but the beauty that takes authenticity and sincerity as its foundation is timeless and eternal. Whether we are young or old, if people give rise to joy upon seeing us, then this is true beauty. Remember, no one can provide you your inner beauty or light. It already exists within you and yearns to brightly shine for all to see. Beauty without grace is like a fish displaced from the water and looking at this kind of beauty is like watching that fish die right there on the cement in front of you. Just like beauty, fashion is also one important aspect of a woman’s life. Since confidence a need for a person to pursue what she wants, she must have this asset. BOHO70 brings out the best in you. Keeping yourself beautiful, BOHO70 can be of help to attain what you aspire. One brand with complete collections of your choice. Visit and check our catalog for the best designs of BOHO dresses, BALI bags, and Accessories. This is all for your comfort and satisfaction. BOHO70, wear it with confidence.


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