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Boho Seventy: Taking It Easy

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

We are looking at the clothes and styles that will dominate this year’s Spring Season. The trend of fashion is constantly changing, so it is necessary that you must know what are the things needed to be done and what are those that you need to avoid. The Do’s and Don’ts are guidelines to follow for you to know the ins and outs of fashion. Though simple and affordable, you can still see the classic style of it. Sometimes, the prices of the items are hard to keep up with especially if it is peak season, so you must know how to choose the kind of dress you want to wear. Be a wise spender. If you are a tur fashionista, you know to find ways to make even the cheapest dress turn into a very sophisticated and stunning attire of your life. For this season, better choose lighter and brighter leather colors… baby pink, mellow yellow, and sky blue. Traditionally, black and tans are the most popular of leathers can take a back seat for a while to give way to the rest of the colors for a change. Actually, leather comes in so many gorgeous colors. You can try out different colors and see which works best with your wardrobe and your skin tone. Do you know why leather jacket is in demand? It is because it can be worn with pretty much on anything. This is one versatile item a woman must have. 

Absolute winner for Spring are long sleeved or flared sleeved bodysuits. One good thing about it is you wear it in any occasion with all sexiness and sophistication. It shows off curves and smooth lines your body. We are seeing many fashions making a comeback so why not revive the 90’s with a modern twist on it? Crop tops worn over tees or under maxi’s. Mom jeans paired with silk shirts and heels instead of British Knights sneakers. Do not be afraid to try something new. Accessorize for Spring. Think about lighter materials and make it fun mixing it up. Accessories can polish off an outfit  into the style and look you wanted. To name a few, count in hats, scarfs, shoes, bags, and make up along with your unique designed jewelries creating three to five different outfits using the same clothing. Be creative and have your own style. Be comfortable wearing this and experience such a wonderful feeling. I want you to check out our latest collections of our top selling BOHO70 Bohemian Dresses, Bali Bags and Accessories. Visit so you can take a look on our BOHO70 catalog for the complete list of our new arrivals and latest BOHO70 designs. Trust only the No.1 brand… BOHO70. When it comes to a woman of good taste and style like you, there is only one place to go and one brand to wear…BOHO70. Make it most remembered. Embrace the season with BOHO70.


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