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Boho Seventy: Romantically Yours

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“Right from the very start, I knew I had to make you mine”, one of my favorite quotes that inspired me with so much love. Being with the right person in a perfect time and place with the right kind of love is worth waiting for. Everything starts with one hello, hoping it won’t end up with a simple goodbye. A long-lasting relationship is meant for a lifetime. To some people, the month of June is the wedding month for them. It is important that we have to know what are our plans and who are part of this very special occasion of our life. A true Bohemian is defined as “a wanderer; living a socially conventional life.” Long and simple BOHO wedding lace gown is more appropriate than floral designed long flowing dresses for the bride. Though sometimes, considering the color combinations represents how colorful your love story was. Everything depends on the couple’s choice coming up with what they think is perfect on their wedding day. It will only happen once in our life and seldom to those who are lucky enough to experience marriage twice.

A bohemian wedding can be done elsewhere of your chosen location where you feel more comfortable. Being with the people who matter most to you is more important than the venue. But because we wanted to make beautiful memories with them, we should decide on something that makes it all worth spending for. Follow what your heart dictates, but considering what your mind can contribute. BOHO70 is here to make it easier and effortless for you. The bride is always the highlight of this special occasion, so she must be well taken cared of by our expert designers who will bring out the real beauty in you. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing yourself in the mirror is the most beautiful woman on your wedding day. To the groom, how will you manifest love to your bride? BOHO70 answers it all. Giving her the best that she deserves to have is the best gift that you can offer. For the soon to be bride and groom, visit our website for you to have a better and wider imagination of a perfect wedding that you wished to have to make your love story one of a kind fairy tale.


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