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Boho Seventy: My Sister My Hero

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Sisters by chance, friends by choice. A woman without a sister is like a bird without wings. Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. Your sister has been, and always will be there during family hardships and joys. Growing up with a sister means that you have shared a lot of the same experiences and are similar in the ways you think and feel about things. She is a completely different person than you but she understands you completely. Your sister always listens to your sentiments and the best person to go for comfort and advice. Best friends, best enemies. However, beneath it all, she has shared her life with you both in good times and in bad times. The bond with you and your sister may get stronger through the years. You share the same bloodline. Sisters are often extensions of our mothers that we can find comfort in. This becomes one of the most important relationships in your life. Today, why not celebrate Happy Sister’s Day with BOHO70. Enjoy the bonding moments by wearing the latest fashion designs from the best collections of bohemian dresses of BOHO70. Check what’s new at Create beautiful memories together with BOHO70.

The big sister often became the second mom to the younger one. Even though you have probably fought with your sister through the years, but she was always there to protect you from any harm. May it be physical, mental or emotional. When you have grown up in a home together, a strong bond was established and you always have a soft spot in each other’s heart though there comes a time you will live different lives from each other. Just a call away and the other one comes running always to the rescue when presence for comfort is needed the most. With just one look in the eye, she will know exactly how you are feeling. You can always count on her no matter what the situation is. The importance of her presence in your life had imparted something that made you a better person somehow. When was the last time you expressed to her just how important she was to you? Make sure to be there for her too at her lowest point. If you have a sister who has been an angel and a source of support through all the ups and downs in your life, make sure to express gratitude to her for that. Give more meaning to your words through a gift from BOHO70. Let her choose among the best designs and new arrivals from BOHO70. Make her feel special and important. Say “Thank You” to your hero through BOHO70.


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