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Boho Seventy: Knowing Yourself Better

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

Do you exactly know what “STYLE” is all about? Whenever the term “style” is used, it most commonly refers to one’s fashion or outer appearance. Summing it all up, it is the way you dress, you talk, you move. It is how you express your inner being outwardly. It simply describes all of your thoughts, emotions, and even your interests and values for that matter. It only shows the inner reflection of what is on the outside. Fashion is just one part of your style. Not all that we want to achieve with our looks fits our personality. Sometimes we think we look so good in it but that is only how we had thought, but the truth is… it does not fit you well. It does not bring any betterment of your physical appearance. Learning the basics of fashion and how you should deal with your style is necessary so you will have the assurance that you are on the right track and not in the wrong direction. We all have things about ourselves that we would like to change. You just have to identify your unattractive flaws and from there try to make changes. You have all the authority to do it. Think of how you can improve every aspect of yourself to be more effective in your interpersonal relationships with other people. Build a great self-brand or shall we call it your reputation. Always remember that first impression lasts so guard yourself against any negativity because people around you easily judge what they see. Once it is tainted, it is very hard to change people’s view of who you are. 

What they see is what they get and they will believe anything about you at first while they keep their eye on you to see if you are for real. People will always look up to you. Some will even idolize you especially if they like the way you dress up with that unique sense of style. Do not underestimate the perceptiveness of others. Be yourself, be natural. Avoid pretending to be someone you are not. There are things that we cannot possibly think managing that would leave a bad impression to people around us. Instead of trying so hard to be the second version of somebody, better focus on working on being you on the inside just as much as you do outward. The key is to continuously work on improving yourself creating an upward spiral towards limitless potential. Style is about more than rules. It is about expressing yourself and feeling great. And if you do not know the basics, you will never know how to break the rules confidently. Let us all start with BOHO70. Choose the top selling designs from our latest collections of BOHO Dresses who fits you best and see the big difference from the old and new you. For more of BOHO70, check our catalog at Make way for changes in a prettier and more fashionable you. BOHO70, your fashion analyst, your No.1 kind of brand.


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