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Boho Seventy: Just the Thought Of It

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

Is fashion really that important to one’s life? What most people come to mind when they hear the word is physical appearance, specifically pretty face and the sexiness of a person.  Literally, fashion is just like beauty. It is the characteristic of a person. Based on reality, it has both negative and positive influences on humans. There are many people who do not understand fashion. It seems superficial but it is the truth. With just one piece of clothing, you can communicate with others, express your preferences and way of life and even your mood for the day. You will encounter difficult and tough times in your life, and sometimes you had this feeling of wanting change. There were moments when you need a new hairstyle and a new look. It represents a new you, thinking it could be the better version of you. It was your way of saying “Goodbye” to your fears and embracing what is yet to come. Fashion has become more than just an expensive piece of materials. It represents our battles towards our dreams and goals in life. The people around you has been your biggest influence. One time you have seen this lady with a short bright yellow hair and you saw how confident she looks and how naturally she embraces herself of how she wants to be. For ones in your life, why not try changing your style for a day and see a big difference.

Decades of years ago, it was quite a very strict human policy. It was absolutely prohibited for women wearing swimsuits that would reveal her knees. But nowadays, we already belong to the liberated world were wearing very short and skin-revealing dresses are allowed. Before, you represent the struggle of women, how they fought to gain rights over their bodies. Even dying of hair could bring you to jail, but now not anymore. May it is fashion or beauty, the subjective element involves judgment, not opinion. No makeup shows a woman’s natural beauty, but with fashion, you need to check the kind of dress you will be wearing and see if it is ok not to wear any makeup or even just lipstick to make you look prettier. There are instances that makeup is necessary for the kind of dress and occasion you will attend to. You cannot just wear a long gown not doing something with your hair and face. Be fashion oriented. Know what are the do’s and don’ts’s of fashion. Begin with the proper choice of dress. BOHO70 is here to guide you through what is “in” and “out” of style. BOHO dresses. Check our catalog for our new arrivals and BOHO70 top selling designs. Visit our website When you think of the good quality brand, there is only one perfect answer… BOHO70. Nothing beats what is No.1. When you talk about fashion, talk about BOHO70.


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