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Boho Seventy: Everything But Fashion

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What is more important, a pretty face or a good body? A perfect body is something you can acquire to some extent, but the face is something you’re given naturally. If a woman has the most gorgeous face ever, but with a body with a bit of fat, slightly uneven boobs, you are not going to notice the slight bodily imperfections. But if they had the body of Victoria Secret model and the face of rotting avocado… she is ugly. No argument. The first thing you notice about someone is their face. They might have a perfect body to try and divert attention, but you are going to notice if they do not have a butt ugly face. One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself. Do not underestimate yourself by comparing with others. Love yourself no matter how different you feel. You just have to be true to yourself. A sexy woman is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within. Confidence goes such a long way with women. If you are confident, you can wear anything not minding other people’s impression of you. As long as you are comfortable and you look good about yourself, that matters most. Fashion-wise, as long as you know what kind of dresses fits you and you wear it with grace… with class… with all sexiness. 

When it comes to beauty, sophistication, sexiness, intelligence, elegance… everything is owned by the uniqueness of you. Even with fashion, your style is your signature. An identity that only you can claim. We have our own personalities and though some have the same traits mostly differ from each other. We are each other’s opposite. You are an amazing person. You have something in you that others do not have. You are beautiful in your own simple way. Do not let anyone ever make you feel you do not deserve what you want. You are you who you choose to become. Be happy and contented of what you possess and enjoy everything that is reachable of your thoughts. You design your own life. No one can change anything without your permission. For once in your life, give yourself the freedom of doing what you want without any doubts and fears. Fashion is one thing I want you to challenge yourself about. Inspire yourself and all the women who deserve the best… with BOHO70. The No.1 brand who aims to have unique designs to satisfy your imagination of giving you the best kind of BOHO Dresses. BOHO70 does not only have quality but the assurance of comfort that you will get while wearing it. BOHO70 is the brand that cares for you. Free yourself from any doubts. Be a proud certified BOHO70 user. Be one of us!


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