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Boho Seventy: Elegantly Sophisticated

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

Who is the elegant sophisticated woman? Most of us often mistaken sophistication for elegance. Is it possible for you to have both, to be sophisticated without being elegant and elegant without being sophisticated? Yes, you can be both. Sophistication comes from a great deal of worldly experience. She can be confident and comfortable in all situation. Being elegant and sophisticated does not necessarily mean you have to know about everything. You are showing interest in things around you. You have a natural curiosity about other people who are different from you. To understand and learn how to speak other languages could be inspirational and a privileged eye-opening opportunity. She is open-minded and makes the effort to learn on things that give him an interest to. She accepts and welcomes diversity, yet feeling comfortable everywhere she goes. Nothing surprises nor intimidates her. One good thing about being a sophisticated woman is her confidence. She is not easily affected by situations because she always thinks positively. Her eyes were closed to any negativity that could affect her personally. An elegant woman has sophisticated confidence. One has to train for it. Remain humble and open-minded. Learning is hard work. For you to achieve this, you must step out from your comfort zone. 

We have all known that confidence is next to the beauty that makes a woman be appealing. Confidence simply means a positive response and attitude towards things, making sure you know what exactly you are doing. It only comes when you have done something repeatedly, over and over enough times. Out from those mistakes, you had finally learned how to do it right. It is okay to commit failures. Do not get frustrated. That is part of your learning. Practice makes it perfect. Establish yourself by looking confident. Create a confident impression. Inner beauty is important but what other people easily notice is how we look in the outside, and from there they will make extra effort to know you personally. Be not just a confident sophisticated woman. Be interesting. Have an avid social life. Get involved in the life outside your own. You have to learn how to increase your level of sophistication by embracing change. You should refine your knowledge and pursue your passion. Seek personal growth to improve yourself. Take part in fashion. Visit and check the BOHO70 catalog of our latest collections of new arrivals and top-selling Bohemian Dresses, Bags, and Accessories. Do not be left behind. Cultivate yourself continually with BOHO70 and your confidence will come out naturally. Be confidently beautiful and elegant with the No.1 brand, BOHO70. Make it happen! (


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