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Boho Seventy: A Smile In Your Heart

by Boho 70 on 0 Comments

Smile though your heart is aching. We can always smile, but that does not mean that our hearts are not shedding tears. Stay strong and make them wonder how you are still smiling despite the pain you are feeling. Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday. Remember, even though the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you. There is no happiness in having or in getting, only in giving. Sometimes, people have to cry out their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles. A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. It makes you a day younger and sexier. Want to know the secret? Wear BOHO70 with a smile. A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. Be proud that you are fully dressed with the best brand in fashion. BOHO70 is all you need to change your gloomy days into a brighter tomorrow. Don’t lock up yourself with negativity. There are so many reasons to smile. BOHO70 comes up with a more updated fashion trend to make you look more attractive. Dare yourself to become a woman of beauty and class. The kind feeling that you always wanted to carry where ever you go. Follow us at and tell the whole world the reason why you are smiling today.

Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. Your smile gives you a positive countenance that would make people feel comfortable around you. One smile can start a friendship. One person can complete the missing part of you, so notice those people who make an effort to stay in your life. Choose a person who makes an effort to be with you, not he who remembers you only when he has no alternatives. Realize what is real and what is not, who is worthy and who is not. Never love anybody who treats you like you are ordinary. The true measure of love is time. Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule, and love those who never look at their schedule when you need them. The worst feeling in life is feeling like you are not worthy of someone’s time especially the person you love and would do anything for. The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back again. No one is really busy. It all depends on what number you are on their priority list. With BOHO70, you are our VIP. You will always be our top priority. One brand who can change your life’s destiny. If you are after of perfection, choose BOHO70!! Our pride, your satisfaction.


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